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Putting your best face forward is not just about looking better, it’s about being healthier and feeling better. Here’s what our happy customers are saying…

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Comforting

Where to start! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Adrian is a sweetheart, Debbie is absolutely incredible (microdermabrasion, peel and facial). Love her. Christie really knows her business. The skin care product line she has is number 1. I’m sure I’ll use it the rest of my life. Thank you so much for everything and your friendship. I’ve had several procedures with Dr. Carls (some of which were a bit uncomfortable), but he always made me laugh. He has a great way of putting you at ease. Thank you all for everything!

–Dawne Meckel

Natural-Looking and Innovative

Super results! Lake Havasu CosMedics is highly recommended for your skin care and pro-aging needs including a high-grade line of skin care and topical products as well as procedures. Dr. Carls, Christie Viands, Debbie, and the office staff are always professional and meticulous in their care. Dr. Carls develops a plan for you that is realistic, attainable, and affordable, and they ensure that the treatments and outcomes look natural. The explanations are thorough so there are no surprises, and the aftercare/follow up is excellent. Looking forward to the innovative treatments in the next year!

Natascha Troehler

Produces REAL Results

I have never had such amazing results in skin care EVER!. Christie Viands Carls is really an amazing professional who knows her craft!! Dr. Carls, what an artist and perfectionist who really cares how you look and feel!! Debbie is a dream, what a relaxing touch!! All are so talented and knowledgeable!
Havasu CosMedics products are the best I have ever used, why?…because the results I had from the regimen they have customized for my specific needs are way beyond my expectations, and without spending a fortune! Go figure! Affordable professional skin care products and services that ACTUALLY produce real results! I am a very happy client who has been in the professional world of beauty for over 38 years. I can buy most spa/skin care products at cost myself, but nothing has come close to being under the professional skincare guidance of Havasu CosMedics…Nothing! I invite you all to see and feel the difference, if not waste your time and money elsewhere. I’m staying with what works!! Thank you Havasu CosMedics Team!

Terri Lawrence, Havasu Hair Design

No Need for Cosmetic Surgery

My results are amazing. I have had almost all of the procedures and I am amazed at how different my skin looks. The products are wonderful too. I was about to have to have some surgical procedures done and now I realize that I can wait hopefully for another 10 years. I am thrilled with Lake Havasu Cosmedics LLC. I am 66 years old and I am so happy that I may be able to hold off on surgery indefinitely. Thank you, Christie Viands and Dr. Carls. You are amazing. My skin looks better than it did when I was much younger. You are so knowledgeable and so personable. I could never thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

Susie Storms

REAL Results

I appreciate the expert skills and the professional manner in which Dr. Carls & Christie operate their business. Christi your loving & compassionate spirit is the perfect compliment to the procedures done by DR. Carls. Dr. Carl’s is very patient and has taken whatever time necessary to explain the procedures I have done. They’ve always presented the facts with no “false promises”. I appreciate that and therefore trust their recommendations. They’ve stood behind their work and always followed up by checking on my well being and progress. I am very excited about the Sculptra and have seen great results.

 –Judy Steadman Overberg


Absolutely the most compassionate and professional team one could ever ask for. This office is dedicated to finding solutions that are suitable for you. They have earned my highest praise.

–Ann Reed

Best Facial

Debbie does the best facial I’ve ever had. I do a lot of traveling, and when I have time, I get a facial. Nothing compares to her time, care, and skills!

–Jody Barr Oliver

No Pressure, No Rush

These people were so very nice. They work with you to understand your goals and to get you there without selling your firstborn. I really liked them and their kindness. No pressure and no rush.

–Dianna Francis

Comfort of Friends

Not only did I receive excellent services, I made some new friends. Everyone at Havasu Cosmedics makes you feel so comfortable.

–Deb Van Dyk

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