Ferulic Antioxidant Skin Treatments


What is Ferulic Acid?


Ferulic acid is a  powerful antioxidant which is naturally occurring from rice bran. It’s also a key ingredient in this treatment that gives you healthier and younger-looking skin. 


Environmental stress caused by ultraviolet radiation (tanning beds and the sun) is the main cause of

the destruction of Vitamin C in the skin. Vitamin C is essential for our skin’s overall well-being. It is the stabilizing component to keep Collagen and Fibril tissues healthy (ie. plumped, unwrinkled, youthful-looking skin).


 Using Pro-C® Elite with Ferulic+ as part of your skincare routine is your defense against accelerated extrinsic skin aging.


Pro-C® Elite with Ferulic+ is a powerful skincare product that will enhance the efficacy of vitamins and antioxidants found naturally in the skin.


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ferulic antioxidant skin treatments

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