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Want to read all about our medspa services another time? We’ve got you covered. Check out our downloadable brochure to learn what we have to offer, and how each service will help you love your skin.

We offer the best skincare services in Lake Havasu City at our state-of-the-art facility. You’re in excellent hands with us. A board-certified physician with over 35+ years of experience practicing family medicine and aesthetics conducts our procedures.

We put together this medspa brochure to share with you some of our most popular services. Each visit begins with a free consultation from our Aesthetics consultant. From there, the doctor will review the recommendations and put together the right plan to help you reach your skin goals.
Some of the services featured on our downloadable brochure are:

Chemical Peels
Serum Induction Therapy
Hair Restoration
Skin Imaging
And more…

Don’t have time to read the brochure right now? Download it to read at your convenience.



Everyone deserves fantastic skin!

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