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Culture has been something of a buzzword the last few years. It evokes feelings of being different or being set apart from others. Culture is also about shared values, shared time, and shared interests. At Lake Havasu Cosmedics, owners Christie and Jeff Carls have created a company culture with intention, and it’s working for them.

Something that is interesting and important about a company’s culture is that it is distinct and memorable—and it isn’t for everybody. Whether you are choosing a job, a school, a doctor, or a medical spa, you should choose the one that is a good fit for you so that you feel comfortable, happy, and fulfilled. Lake Havasu Cosmedics works hard to intentionally form meaningful relationships of mutual trust with their clients.

It starts with the parties!

Patient education is foremost to Christie and Jeff (whom Christie affectionately calls “Doc”). Once a month they hold an open house event to educate clients and potential clients on different services they offer. Clients have an opportunity to meet reps from the companies that manufacture and distribute the different injectables, as well ask questions, score great discounts on services, and even win prizes! (This blogger was lucky enough to win a ClearLift laser treatment at the last party!). The food and the wine is superb, too.



Comfort and Happiness

Your relationship with Lake Havasu Cosmedics will typically start with a consultation with Christie. She will get to know you and get a sense of what you are looking for. She likes to spend time educating new clients and learning about their lifestyle so that they can recommend the very best treatment options and products. A consultation with Christie is never rushed and feels like showing up to hang out with a friend for an hour. She loves to share her own experiences with different treatments, which always makes me feel more comfortable. She really appreciates getting to know her clients, and she loves when she gets word-of-mouth recommendations because it means she gets to work with more like-minded people who will appreciate the culture they’ve cultivated.


One of my favorite things about Christie is that she is always rooting for me. When I get a facial, she is genuinely excited for me, gushing, “Oh you’ll love it!” When I got a VI Peel, she was right there checking in to see how I was feeling and if the itching was bearable (it was!). When I started my ClearLift laser treatments to clear up the brown spots on my face, she was determined to help me get the results I wanted. During my first Dysport injections, she was right there holding my hand (quite literally, I was a bit nervous!). It is apparent they genuinely care about their clients.

Doc is a crack up—with his dry sense of humor coupled with his friendly bedside manner, he has a way of putting clients at ease. He really focusses on the client and listens to their wants and needs. After a consultation with Christie and with ideas in mind, a client will then spend an hour with Dr. Carls to create a treatment plan. He is meticulous in his work. I have seen him mark, erase, and re-draw injectable site locations just to make sure it is perfect (when others might just inject and hope for the best—scary!). Christie and Jeff are a great team!

But they aren’t the only ones who provide a fabulous experience and contribute to the special culture of Lake Havasu Cosmedics. Adrienne Kostadina is their Executive Administrator and Relations Associate—this means you are likely to hear her friendly voice on the other end when you call. Her compassionate nature paired with integrity optimizes client engagement.

Debbie DeAnda has been practicing as an aesthetician for almost 20 years, and she is wonderful! She handles all the facials, antioxidant treatments, extractions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling, dermaplaning, high frequency treatments, LED therapy, waxing, including brazillian waxing, brow tint, eyelash tint, and eyebrow treatments. She and Dr. Carls customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Jeff and Christie really take care of their employees as if they were family. This year, the company Christmas dinner was a fun teppanyaki affair at Shogun, full of laughter, stories, connecting, and gifts.


Lake Havasu Cosmedics values your time, and they want to make sure all your needs are met, and this includes great communication. They have a system that texts you when you make an appointment and also reminds you the day of your appointment. They follow up with a phone call, and you can even contact them through Facebook. They are always quick to reply. Their Facebook and Instagram always informative new content and even special deals! Schedule a consultation today and see if Lake Havasu Cosmedics is a good fit for you.

Culture is defined by our differences, and Lake Havasu Cosmedics sets itself apart by being different through its connectedness to clients, personal relationships, education-first mindset, and personal attention.

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