IPL Photofacial Light Therapy Skin Correcting Treatment

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How It Works

Intense Pulsed Light™ (IPL) is a breakthrough in skin therapy used to correct many skin conditions without damaging the skin’s surface. IPL is a light therapy that differs from laser therapy because it emits multiple wavelengths into the skin to target below-the-surface pigments. IPL uses hundreds of wavelengths in each pulse, effectively reaching below the surface of the entire affected area.

Image Credit:  Honolulu MedSpa

What IPL Corrects

This type of treatment is typically used to target age spots, brown spots, sun spots, rosacea, birthmarks, broken capillaries, and unwanted freckles.

Age/Brown Spots:  Aging is typically accelerated by sun exposure and genetics over time. Age spots can prematurely make your skin look older, but with 4-6 IPL treatments, you can start to see long-lasting results. The spots may initially darken after treatment, but after a few days, they actually slough off (like wiping off coffee grounds) to reveal more youthful skin.

Rosacea:  If you’ve ever suffered from the redness of rosacea, you know it can be devastating and life-changing. IPL treatments can lessen most types of rosacea, even the more severe kind characterized by visible blood vessels. IPL is a controlled injury to the blood vessels that trigger a bodily response to break down and remove the damaged tissue. Your body naturally starts reproducing new cells to replace the damaged ones, and your beautiful new skin begins to emerge.

Birthmarks:  Most birthmarks are harmless and disappear before adulthood, but for persistent birthmarks, IPL treatment offers a solution to clear up the problem non-invasively.

Broken Capillaries:  Yikes! Those little red lines that appear around your nose and cheeks? Those are broken capillaries, and they seem nearly impossible to correct. IPL delivers broadband light in pulse waves to break up broken capillaries without damaging the healthy veins. Say hello to youthful skin!

Freckles:  Some freckles are cute. Excessive freckles can become a nuisance. Peels and bleaches have been popular methods of freckle reduction, but IPL delivers results without burned or peeling skin. IPL doesn’t damage healthy skin or require downtime for recovery. After just a few sessions, freckles begin to fade away naturally revealing your youthful skin.

Image Credit: Associates in Dermatology, Inc.

Is IPL Right for Me?

This type of treatment is perfect for active patients who prefer little or no downtime. It is used to treat the face, neck, chest, and hands. IPL is a long-lasting treatment that brings back the youthfulness of your skin. IPL works best on fairer skin. Darker skin has more melanin and doesn’t respond as effectively to IPL. IPL feels like a flicking of a rubber band and can leave the skin sensitive for a few hours afterward, but the sensation is tolerable, but can also be lessened with a cooling gel. Winter is the perfect season to start treatments as you may want to stay out of the sun afterward. Call Lake Havasu Cosmedics for your free consultation today to find out if IPL is right for you!

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