Dysport: Fight the Frown without the Freezing

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I’m texting. I’m looking down at my phone, jabbing out a message about something mundane. “Please stop at the store and pick up coffee, babe.” “No, I didn’t see the paperwork for the class field trip. I’ll have to look for it.” “What are you getting Mom for her birthday?” All pretty innocuous things, but more often than not, if someone is with me, they ask, Who are you texting so angrily!? What? I’m not angry. This is my face! And then it hit me, those damn forehead wrinkles again.

Dysport to the Rescue

Since my mid 20’s, I’ve started growing a little canyon between my brows. It was barely noticeable at first, but over the years, it has turned into something of a Mariana Trench. I’m pretty expressive. Furrowing my brow and raising my eyebrows excitedly has become something of trademark, so when I started noticing those wrinkles staying long after my expression had faded, I took notice. I figured I’d just spend the next 40 years not smiling and doing my best Posh Spice impression (I heard she doesn’t smile so as to ward off wrinkles, is this true?). Luckily, I found Dysport. No longer must I channel my inner Victoria Beckham. I can be me! In my all wise-cracking, pun-making, excitable glory—but without the wrinkles, hooray!

How it Works

Surely you’ve heard of Botox, an injectable prepared from the botulin toxin that has been wildly popular for the last 20 years used in the treatment and prevention of wrinkles. Dysport is made from the same toxin, used for the same purposes, but slightly different. It is reconstituted differently and typically kicks in a little sooner. I saw results by day 3. Dysport is a neurotoxin that blocks muscular contractions, so injected into the forehead area, the muscles are unable to contract, giving your face a break from those wrinkles that tell nasty little lies about your age or make people wonder why you’re so darn angry all the time.

You may be thinking that a woman in her 30’s has no business getting injectables this soon, but I beg to differ! Dynamic wrinkles (those that come and go with expression) over time can become static wrinkles (those that stay long after you’ve moved the muscles). Dysport can work as a preventative measure to calm the facial muscles so the skin continues to grow smoothly. Over time, skin cells start to grow around the static wrinkles, and you are less likely to achieve the look you want. Starting early means your skin cells grow smoothly (instead of forming a pattern around wrinkles), so the results last longer. Have static wrinkles already? No problem! Dysport can help reduce the look of wrinkles and smooth out the skin.


Dysport injections are one of the easiest cosmetic procedures you can do with no downtime. I went on my lunch break for my first appointment, and it couldn’t have been easier. The injections took about 8 minutes, and that was it. I had a little redness at the injection sites, but it was totally back to normal before I made it back to my office. It lasts up to 6 months, but varies with each patient.


In a multinational study, 97% of Dysport users said they’d use Dysport again. Just check out my before and after.

Check out other before and after shots here.


Dysport is sold in units, and how much you get depends on the results you want to achieve. Lake Havasu Cosmedics is offering 25% off Dysport for the month of January 2019. A typical session might cost $300-$450, so in January, you’d pay just $225-$338. What a deal! Call today Call now to schedule: (928) 680-7356

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